Excellent Ways to Determine If Someone is Stealing Your Wi-Fi

LDo you notice a slow internet connection when you’re using your Wi-Fi? One great reason behind this is other people might have access to your Wi-Fi. These people might be doing illegal things such as hack your smart devices at home. Then, you might even see the authorities arrive at your residence. It’s a hassle on your part particularly if you’re unaware that someone is stealing your Wi-Fi. 

How can you prevent this? Here are important tips you have to remember if you have a Wi-Fi connection at home. For sure, you and your family would be secured if you know and follow these tips: 

Check the Wireless Indicator Lights 

A wireless router has router lights that reflect internet connectivity, wireless connections, and hardwired network. Since the wireless lights indicate internet activity, you need to shut down your internet connected devices. Next, you check if the router lights are blinking.  Router lights that are still on after you shut down the devices indicate someone is using your Wi-Fi. 

Remember: You make sure all your devices are off to ensure that the lights aren’t blinking. The router light might still blink if you forget to shut down your TV or gaming console. Also, you check the software tool of your Wi-Fi to make sure this method would be successful. 

Check the Wi-Fi Router’s Device List 

The router’s administrative console is a big help for you to secure your Wi-Fi connection and change your security settings. How are you going to do it? You follow these easy and simple steps: 

  1. You log in to your administrative console, and you see the router’s IP address. 
  2. For you to find the address, you go to Windows that enables you to do command prompt. 
  3. You press Win+R, and then you type cmd.  
  4. Next, you type ipconfig then you check the Default Getaway address. 

Determine and See the Attached Devices  

The Device List or the Attached List provides you with a list of devices that are connected to your network. Here, you can see MAC addresses, IP addresses and other information you need about your Wi-Fi connection. You compare the devices you see for you to determine which one is stealing your data. 

Remember: The DHCP list doesn’t show you all the devices on the attached list. A hacker would use an IP address that can bypass the DHCP table. So, the best thing you have to do is check the actual DHCP and clients list. Hence, you would see the devices that the list offers. 

Use Advanced Network Monitoring Tool 

Yes, you might have changed the Wi-Fi security settings, but it’s not enough to keep the hacker down. Here’s a good tip: you use a network monitoring tool that enables you to track the hacker’s location.  It’s possible if the hacker makes traffic using your connection. 

Every homeowner deserves to have a secure W-Fi connection at all times. Thus, you use the tips mentioned above to make your Wi-Fi connection secure. The result: full Wi-Fi use and convenience would be yours!